Monday, 14 June 2021

Small Changes to the HAL Coaching Option

As you might notice I have made some small changes to the HAL Coaching website too. 

I will no longer work with the negative agenda in the HAL Coaching but entirely focus on the new categories in the HAL Academy, i.e. 

1) The Basic HAL Ideas (Foundational Psychological Concepts).

2) The HAL Sciences (ideas on how to do the Transition).

Thus, when you book a HAL Coaching Session with me, please bear in mind that we no longer work with the Path of Liberation within the artificial 4th and 5th dimensions of the hijackers, but will focus on the transition dynamics, using the Pillar Project Sciences (transformed into the HAL Sciences in a new form) to optimize our work within

1) The correct thought forms to generate the radiation field using the Pillar Project Sciences as well as the Natural Laws of Energy.

2) The correct vibrational state of the heart field, also using the Pillar Project Sciences.

3) The correct purity rate using the upcoming HAL Sciences to work organic-energetic to alter the physics of our bodies to adjust to the incoming 4D energies provided by the future human races new reality programs (probably completed around 2025).

I am doing it this way because 

a) what you focus on, you give energy and what you give energy, you draw your way and become part of - and we need to shift timelines now. Thus, the earlier form of timeline work to retrieve old genetics is no longer part of the HAL Coaching options (this work is described in the NGC Transition Classes, if you want a brush up on what that means, including the HAL Philosophy book).

b) our world has been divided under the remaining factions and Northern Europe is now distancing itself from the older world setups under the hijackers, and whatever affiliates they had. I must adhere to the country I live in, and the new sciences and culture setup that are being build here now, moving into the sciences of the future to battle the climate changes, aka to preserve and economize the remaining energies of our world from where we are built until the new can be firmly established in new reality programs in the 4D under the future human races (more regarding this in the material on the Solar System Nations).

For you, in other countries, you will soon discover how this will influence you as we get further into 2022. 

c) I am tired of the constant battles I have to take with what is connected to the students under the laws of the hijackers in the artificial 4D and 5D. 

Most of the time, the students under these laws have no clue what they are part of and therefore cannot really work with me on this - and then whatever activates in the coaching or conversation, due to my vibration and participation, then comes my way from the factions owning the template of the student. These battles are about ownership and the factions want to keep what they think is theirs and thus do what they can to get rid of me, and I cannot do this anymore. At some point it just gets too much and besides, with the new divisions and the straining of the remaining racial grids these battles will probably get worse.

Anyways, you must remember, that whatever must be done in the Liberation work is yours to do. Nobody can do it for you. This is under the ancient laws of the races aka your karma and part of your dharma. Thus, any assistance I could have done would be futile unless you do the work as well, and from the correct level. Only you can free you. The assisted freeing work therefore no longer serves any purpose or function as things are now.

All Free HAL Project Material Moved to the Google Portal

Whatever free material that used to be on the HAL Academy website is now gathered under the Free HAL Project Material Google Site - look here....

There you will find the HAL Advanced Classes 1-4 but under their correct categories, i.e. under 

1) the main page Creating a Good Life

2) On Food & Health

3) On the Rotundum & Energy Work

The HAL Books have also been moved to the free material site. Look here....

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Notice the energies on June 10th


June 10th 2021

1) Its a 10-16-21 sequence. 

2) The annular solar eclipse falls on this day too. 

3) It is also new moon.

4) And it falls in week 23 (a number 5 - remember 2021 is also a number 5), adding to the 2-3 sequence the last bits of generating energy currents (the number 2) and seeding (the number 3). Remember the number explanations in the Rotundum material (HAL Advanced Class 2).

The next number 5 will be in week 32 where the energies reverse as the sun enters into the constellation of Leo. This sets the tone of the energies in the Autumn and the evaluation processes we are to embark on to conclude our work of the year and what we have learned from it. Remember: Leo is all about evolving the personality structure.

So, all in all, June 10th completes this years energy current and seeding work. And then we will move on with what we have seeded seeing what the summer and Autumn brings about.

The HAL Integration Classes 1-5 are gone

 HI All, 

As explained in the blog post on the HAL Project news on June 1st  it is time for me to move out of the artificial 4th and 5th dimensions and focus on the transition work. 

Thus, the HAL Integration Classes 1-5 are no longer offered as course material. 

However, in the HAL Basic Psychology Package, for the newcomers, you will find extractions from HIC5 (the Developmental Work) and How to Create the Brain Enzyme. The HAL Integration Class 6 is also offered as part of this package since it concludes the psychological material. 

For those of you that missed out on the HAL Integration Classes 1-5 as we used to say; it was probably not meant to be :) 

Besides, the information will find a new form in the upcoming classes. So, no worries. All is good and fine. In many ways the HIC1-5 was for the year 2020-2021 and the work we had to do there. 

For future choice making regarding the HAL Academy and HAL Project Material: Do not postpone if you want to get the material. You never know, what will happen. I offer what I can but if it leads to too much counterforce, I will take it down. 

And yes, it is a bommer that I take things down but our reality program - and the windows of opportunitets - shifts quickly as it moves through the galactic time frames, and with that, leaving behind the timelines where we might have something left to regain or erase. And since I clear according to the shifts of our reality, I move forwards leaving behind the old reality fields.

Thus, I am moving with tide - not sticking behind having my energy caught up. Thus, the old material is there for those of you that have gotten it (in your Vimeo collection), but I will not renew the energies of the HIC by having newcomers add their energy to it by purchasing it. Hence, this decision. 

Monday, 7 June 2021

The new HAL Academy Website is ready

Explore the new HAL Academy Courses. There are two options:

1) Self-Study Online Courses

2) Group Lectures over Skype. 

Go to the HAL Academy. Click here....

Remember the HAL Academy YouTube Channel: Go to it here.....